AEC Introduces New Wheel Dryer Line

Application Engineering Company (AEC), a division of the ACS Group, New Berlin, Wisconsin, has launched a new line of wheel dryers for the plastics industry to provide precision, high-performance moisture removal. AEC is a supplier of packaged and central chillers and has grown into blending, drying, conveying, and size reduction, supplying innovative solutions to a wide range of process industries.

“We’re going all-in on wheel drying technology because of its proven capabilities,” explained Mark Johansen, ACS Group vice president of marketing and product management. “The performance of our new dryers, combined with the energy-saving advantage, makes them stand out clearly from the competition. Featuring Smart Mode technology, the AD Series Desiccant Wheel Dryer monitors both the process and return air temperatures. Airflow is automatically reduced once the temperatures are consistent, and the material is completely dry. This results in energy savings, as well as protecting the resin from over-drying and degradation.”

Available in three styles – ADP, ADW and ADC – the AD series is a direct replacement for AEC’s earlier NGX and RDX series dryers. “Ideal for most beside-the-press drying applications and small central drying systems, the AD Series will be available in 50 to 400 PPH – and larger models by request,” Johansen noted.

Additional options include a weekly timer, integrated or external dew point sensor, integration with Industry 4.0 equipment and a biomaterial version for drying temperatures below 122° F (50° C).

For precision control, the AD series also utilizes a high-resolution HMI touch-screen. All drying data is visible on a single screen: drying temperature, dew point, material throughput and total energy consumption.

“By providing energy savings up to 40% and more, while not requiring compressed air or cooling water, the AD Series Dryer will be a game changer for the industry,” Johansen said. “And the precision control possible with our Smart Mode prevents the thermal, chemical and physical material degradation that can result from long drying times at high temperatures and high airflow.”

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