LS Mtron Expands ONE-E Injection Molding Machines

LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines USA, Duluth, Georgia, a supplier of injection molding machines, has announced its expansion of the ONE-E line of electric injection molding machines.

“We are excited to announce that we have added 55-, 90-, 145-, and 440-ton (US) electric injection molding machines to our popular ‘the ONE’-E line,” said Peter Gardner, president of LS Mtron Injection Molding Machine USA. “This high-speed line complements our complete range of standard all-electric machines, which range from 35 to 950 tons.”

In line with the digital and industrial 4.0 era, LS Mtron is pioneering a new field of transformation in injection molding machines by developing smart injection machines and smart molding solutions.

For example, some smart solutions result in improved acceleration performance, increased plasticity through adaptable screws with increased RPM, a clamp force monitoring function through a tie-bar sensor, automatic clamping force calibration function, and an automatic zero adjustment mode function for spring molds. In addition, ‘the ONE-E’ line utilizes a dual center press die structure to minimize mold deformation while boosting, which has been receiving positive feedback in the injection molding industry due to its improved mold face pressure distribution (33% improvement on the fixed plate) and extending the life of the mold.

CSI4.0: Ground-Breaking AI and Smart Injection Molding

LS Mtron’s “the ONE-E” Series is characterized by the CSI4.0 (Connected and Smart Injection) solution function, which offers customers flexibility and ease of implementation of digitally enhanced operations, including data collection, data analysis, and big data processing technology. Plus, an AI stage applies the intelligent data from this process, helping customers achieve precisely molded parts with excellent surface finishes.

This first-ever application of AI technology to injection molding technology synthesizes artificial intelligence technology into the process optimization of the injection molding machine, reducing production downtime. It is composed of AI Weight Control, which detects changes in the weight of the molded product through a weight meter linked to the injection machine, and the AI Molding Assistant, which is an AI conditions derivation system that effectively reduces the time it takes to stabilize the initial process through adjusting the process conditions by learning and emulating highly skilled molding experts.

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