Mantle Releases High-Precision Shaping Package

Mantle, San Francisco, California, a supplier of precision metal 3D printers for the tooling industry, has announced the release and availability of its high-precision shaping package. The high-precision shaping package dramatically expands the capabilities of Mantle’s hybrid metal 3D printing technology. The package enables tool rooms to automate more of the toolmaking processes by producing sharp corners and edges without costly and time-consuming EDM operations.

Mantle’s high-precision shaping package includes:

  • 0.006″ and 0.010″ ball mill cutting tools, enabling radii under 0.003″, comparable to sinker EDM.
  • An update to Mantle’s software automatically produces machining toolpaths and eliminates the need for any CAM programming.
  • A 70% improvement in feature sharpness, allowing for finer feature creation and an expanded range of geometries compatible with the TrueShape process.

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