MAPP Releases COVID-19 Policies Report and Launches Resources Hub

In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 across the US and the globe, the MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors), AMBA (American Mold Builders Association) and ARPM (Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers) leadership teams worked to generate resources for members. Working across the associations, 88 resources were compiled into a more than 300-page document containing policies and procedures pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This working document includes a list of policies, procedures, action plans and resources. All the documents included in this compilation have been submitted by a member of MAPP, AMBA or ARPM. By gathering resources from various manufacturing industries, there is a greater pool of knowledge from which the team was able to pull. The documents in this compilation have been organized by type. That includes:

  1. Internal communications, such as memos, policies for cleaning, working from home, traveling, PTO, etc.
  2. External communications, such as letters to customers and suppliers or visitor communication
  3. Infectious disease action plans, including checklists and action plans already in place in case of an outbreak of any kind
  4. Outside resources shared with employees, such as CDC flyers, hand washing instructions and presentations

This is a working document, and the benchmarking team will continue to update and add changes and new policies as they come.

In addition, a Resources Hub landing page has been set up on each association’s website that contains links to this report, as well as webinars – both those recorded and those coming up – to discuss the impact of COVID-19 increases across the country. Employers have to make unprecedented and quick (if not immediate) decisions about what they should do or what they have to do, and MAPP will continue to provide resources to assist them.

The resources and webinar links can be found here: