MAPP Association News: Issue 2 2024

pastics banechmarkingMAPP Plastics Benchmarking
Survey Now Open

MAPP advocates for the crucial role of data in the success of plastics processors. As an Association, MAPP is thrilled about the ongoing evolution of its benchmarking offerings through a partnership with Harbour Results, Inc. resulting in the creation of a distinctive tool: MAPP Plastics Benchmarking.

Through this collaboration, MAPP members gain access to an annual study covering a diverse array of topics such as financials, business performance, operations, safety, HR, sales and marketing and forecasting. The insights gleaned from this comprehensive study, combined with previously collected data by MAPP, will furnish US-based plastics processors with actionable outputs to facilitate better-informed decision-making.

To participate in the MAPP Plastics Benchmarking survey, visit

To view and purchase the 2023 MAPP Plastics Benchmarking Report, visit

mapp sales forum banner2024 Sales and Marketing Forum
Creating and implementing a successful sales and marketing strategy is critical to the bottom line of any business. Is your company prepared to meet its sales goals this year? MAPP is hosting the Sales and Marketing Forum, June 11-12, to explore successful sales strategies and learn about new technologies and best practices in sales and marketing.

This virtual event will address pressing industry challenges in sales and marketing through presentations from MAPP members, sponsors and other industry leaders.

Attendees will walk away with fresh insights into best practices and shared challenges, with implementable takeaways and action items.

Join MAPP for this popular event designed by plastics industry sales and marketing professionals to benchmark and share best practices in the sales and marketing process. For more information and to register, visit

Join MAPP’s FORCES of Automation Movement
Relentless pursuit of efficiency, innovation and improvement requires the implementation of robotics, programming and equipment integration to stay competitive. However, this feat can be daunting for most manufacturing technical teams as it’s impossible to navigate this dynamic and ever-changing terrain.

However, amidst this complexity lies an often-underestimated resource: each other.

Picture a vibrant platform where engineers, technicians and automation professionals unite to unravel obstacles, share insights and cultivate mutual advancement.

This isn’t merely a vision; it’s reality – Introducing MAPP’s FORCES of Automation.

F      Find best practices
    Observe methods and processes of others
R     Raise awareness of automation enabling resources
C     Connect engineers, technicians and leaders
E     Educate
S     Share and support each other

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New FedEx Rates for MAPP Members
MAPP has big news that’s sure to help members save
on shipping!

Last year, MAPP members saved an average of $3,259.24 through the FedEx Advatnage Program with their MAPP membership. MAPP is excited to announce that now members can save more than ever with FedEx. No matter what is being shipped, members can save big with FedEx including:

  • 50% off FedEx Express
  • 30% off FedEx Ground
  • Up to 42.3% off FedEx One Rate
  • 25% off Delivery Area Surcharges
  • 25% off Residential Delivery Charges

If saving more on shipping is a priority – the timing couldn’t be better. It’s free to join, with no minimum requirements. Make sure to enroll today to enjoy improved savings and even more shipping options.

To enroll for the FedEx Advantage Program, visit

2024 Wage and Salary Survey Now Open
For over 20 years, MAPP’s Wage and Salary Report has become one of the most widely recognized industry benchmarks on compensation in the United States
plastics industry.

The 2024 report will provide information on over 60 different job titles in the plastics industry and include benchmarks on starting and average wages, wage ranges for each job category, average tenure, salary trends and statistical analysis of specific job titles.

MAPP members who complete this survey will receive the report via email free of charge. Non-member participants in the survey will be able to purchase the report at a 50% discount through the MAPP website.

To participate in the 2024 Wage and Salary Survey, visit

MAPP Welcomes New Members!

MAPP is proud to welcome the following plastics organizations:

  • Ames Industries Inc., Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Apollo Plastics, Inc., Mentor, Ohio
  • CTC Plastics, Dayton, Ohio
  • Mantle, Inc., San Francisco, California
  • Maple Mold Technologies, Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • Moxietec, Grove City, Pennsylvania
  • Peninsula Plastics Inc., Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • PSI Molded Plastics – Marion, Marion, South Carolina
  • PSI Molded Plastics East, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
  • PSI Molded Plastics North, South Bend, Indiana n