From the Editor: April 2020 ENews

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the casual Thursday edition of my video, hosted by me from my living room! I hope you’re well. I hope you’ve found some moments of peace in all of the craziness that’s happening right now. I know at my house, we’re used to running every night to practices, concerts or sports events. For now, we’re focusing on spending more time outside.

As I’m working from home, I have been talking with many of you in the plastics industry. Some of you are figuring out how to ramp up production incredibly quickly on medical parts that may have only had one run per year – and now you need to run that mold 24/7. Some of you are turning your 3D printers to the very serious business of making PPE supplies for hospitals. Some of you have been forced to shut your doors temporarily. I know we’re all worried – about our families, about our employees and about our communities. For the next month, we’re on a bit of a rollercoaster.

But what I love about this industry is that we’re all on the rollercoaster together. Some of you have reached out to me to make sure Plastics Business is doing okay or to tell me about something amazing happening at your shops. Many of you have connected with the staff at the Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors, asking for resources or support.

The folks at MAPP – of course – are ready to help. In fact, in this issue of the ENews, the very first story is a link to a COVID-19 resource page that has been compiled by MAPP. It includes links to relevant pages from the Small Business Administration, the CDC and the Department of Labor. There’s information about webinars that are coming up addressing tax implications, FMLA and others. And, also in this ENews, we’ve provided a link to another resource page that has even more quick-access links to OSHA guidance, the US Chamber of Commerce and more.

If those of us at Plastics Business can do anything for you, let us know. If there’s information you’re looking for or a supplier connection you want to make, we are happy to help. Stay safe and be well.