Ampacet Introduces LIAD Smart ColorSave® 1000 and ColorSave®-Micro Gravimetric Feeders

Masterbatch manufacturer Ampacet, Tarrytown, New York, has introduced two new gravimetric feeders, the LIAD Smart ColorSave® 1000 and the LIAD Smart ColorSave®-Micro.

The LIAD Smart ColorSave® 1000 is the only gravimetric feeder that features an outer protective shell with an inner floating weigh hopper and single-point load cell to ensure accuracy, even in industrial settings affected by vibration and other outside influences.

ColorSave 1000 also uses advanced algorithms to deliver unmatched dosing precision regardless of material density changes or other dynamic parameters, enabling manufacturers to feed expensive colors and additives at the lowest possible LDR, and at the low end of the tolerance specification to save on masterbatch costs.

The new feeder was designed to receive signals from an injection molding machine both in the recovery (screw time) and injection phases, ensuring that masterbatch is added throughout the entire process.

The LIAD Smart ColorSave®-Micro is an industry-first gravimetric feeder that enables accurate dosing down to one pellet for applications in the medical, automotive and electronics industries. The patented ColorSave-Micro uses a single vibrational, protected inner channel to eliminate exterior vibration and consistently deliver an accurate dose.

ColorSave-Micro can accurately dispense materials with LDRs as low as 0.1% to 0.3%. Gravimetric weighing ensures consistent accuracy when compared to today’s volumetric micro feeders.

ColorSave-Micro can be used in injection molding, extrusion and extrusion blow molding processes, and would be ideal for use in research, testing and prototyping facilities. Micro molding applications include medical, electronics, automotive and micro optics industries.

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