Conair TrueRate® Tracks Changes in Resin Inventories, Simplifies Resin Dispensing

The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, a supplier of auxiliary equipment for plastics processors, has announced the new TrueRate® intelligent inventory tracking system.

The system automatically tracks changes in the inventories of up to 500 different user-specified resins or flowable powders in a processing plant. Developed as an alternative to the use of single-component batch blenders for resin inventory measurement, the TrueRate system utilizes highly accurate gravimetric measurement.

The TrueRate system is available as an 8-inch weighing ring or a 12-inch ring, and connects to a separate electrical control panel containing a PLC. The weighing ring uses resin information provided by the user to precisely calculate the change in weight of the loader/receiver before it discharges the material through the ring and into the container.

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