OCTEX Group Promotes Hoskins, Ramos

OCTEX Group Promotes Hoskins, Ramos

Plastics Business

The OCTEX Group of Companies (OCTEX), Sarasota, Florida, has promoted John W. Hoskins to president of The OCTEX Group and its operating companies, and Marlon Ramos, process engineer, has been promoted to manager of advanced manufacturing systems.

Hoskins joined OCTEX in 2014 as executive vice president, bringing 20-plus years of executive management, business development, operations and plastics manufacturing experience.

Ramos started his career in plastics manufacturing in 1995 and has served key roles as process technician and process engineer. He joined OCTEX in 2016 as a shift supervisor, and his talents and work ethic were immediately noticed. By overseeing AMS, Ramos lends his expertise in advanced processing, automation, end of arm tooling, machine language programming and quality control to the innovative and technically precise manufacturing programs at OCTEX.

For more information, visit www.octexgroup.com.