RJG Releases Process Monitoring System

RJG Releases Process Monitoring System

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The CoPilotâ„¢ from RJG, Inc., Traverse City, Michigan, is an injection molding processing software that functions as a notification system, a communication tool and a coach.

The purpose of the CoPilot is to provide a simple and practical program that is easy to use by technicians at all levels of experience to consistently keep a process on template. It observes actual machine settings and offers instructions to bring a process back into set parameters. Real-time notifications tell the molder when a process is out of match, allowing them to address the problem sooner and limit the number of bad parts produced.

The CoPilot can walk processors through a step-by-step order that is driven by scientific molding principles by prioritizing the most important out-of-specification variables.

For more information, visit www.rjginc.com.