Put RJG’s Technology Day on Your Calendar

Put RJG’s Technology Day on Your Calendar

by Dianna Brodine

Plastics Business

RJG will be hosting its Technology Day in Strongsville, OH, on Sept. 29 and in Elk Grove Village, IL, on Oct. 28. I had the opportunity to attend one of these sessions last fall in Kansas City, and I’ll attest to the fact that this isn’t a typical sales presentation.

Partnering with SIGMA, Burger & Brown and Toshiba, RJG hosts a full-day education session that covers everything from evaluating risk before cutting a mold to understanding what happens to resins during the molding process to reviewing sensor implementation. Toshiba will run a live injection molding machine demonstration; SIGMA will showcase its virtual molding technology; and Burger & Brown will discuss scientific cooling.

It’s a jam-packed day of education and opportunities to discuss the injection molding process from mold design to the production run with the experts. The session is free, but RJG asks that attendees register by visiting www.rjginc.com.