Novatec Announces Distribution Partnership with aboni

Novatec, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, is a manufacturer of drying, conveying and complete materials-handling systems for the plastics industry, has announced a new distributor partnership with aboni GmbH, headquartered in Germany. Novatec will be aboni’s exclusive distributor in North and Latin American countries for its HT3 HydroTracer product.

“The HydroTracer is a highly regarded, well-proven, moisture-specific offline moisture analyzer for plastic resin that Novatec has used in our lab environment for over 15 years,” said Conrad Bessemer, Novatec’s CEO and co-owner.

The aboni designed and produced HT3 HydroTracer detects any residual water in solids. The product, which aboni has been selling for more than 20 years, is a “light, mobile, but robust design,” said Henry Steinberg, aboni product manager. He also said, “The HT3 has high accuracy measuring one part per million (PPM) or 0.0001 percentage of water and features simple-to-operate software guided by on-screen text and pictorial instructions.”

The HT3 measures trace moisture using calcium hydride. A material sample is placed in a sample pan and heated. When water steams out of the sampled resin, the humid gas flows into the upper, cooled area of the measuring chamber. Then, the measuring powder in a capsule exchanges the water for hydrogen, where a gas sensor measures the hydrogen concentration, which equals the sample’s water content.

“Compared to other methods such as loss-in-weight units where volatiles can affect moisture measurement, the HT3 measures actual water content making it unnecessary to calibrate the device to the respective material,” said Steinberg.

Novatec’s Vice President of Sales Tim Noggle said: “We are excited to offer the HydroTracer to the plastic processing market through our extensive distribution network. This product complements our exciting new Dryer Genie product. It will give our customers a bullet-proof approach to active inline moisture-based drying as well as offline process verification when needed for their resin drying requirements.”

Novatec will be a stocking distributor of the HT3 HydroTracer technology and a US-based service and parts center for the product.

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