Globeius, Inc. to Distribute Mouldpro’s Flosense 1.0 Mold Monitoring System in North America

Press release submitted on behalf of Globeius, Inc.

Flosense Technology is an Affordable Way to Accurately Monitor Manifold Pressure and Temperature on Injection Molds

Globeius, Inc., Miami, Florida, a leading provider of machinery, equipment and technical support to the North and South American plastics industry, is now a North American supplier of Mouldpro’s Flosense 1.0 Flexible Flow Monitoring system.

Flosense 1.0 is both affordable and flexible, making it an indispensable tool for those who desire to reduce costs while improving processing control and quality. The system uses sensors to measure the differences in input and output temperatures (Delta T) and pressures (Delta P) as well as total flow rate through the system.  It   alerts technicians in real time about the stability of the process and any potential issues, such as waterline blockages or leaks, heater or cooler malfunctions, and so on.

Quick and easy to setup, molders can install  the sensors in various locations within the cooling circuit, including at the main water supply, the mold heater, within critical cooling channels or in distribution manifolds.  Also, the remote display can be mounted wherever convenient.

Flosense 1.0 offers molders these additional features and benefits:

  • Magnetic mount makes installation of system quick and easy.
  • Standard 4.3-inch touch screen with four manifold inputs.
  • Reduced cycle time. Greater control over the cooling process makes it possible to improve cycle times and increase production.
  • Reduced mold changeover and setup time.
  • 30-day data management capability allows for storage on system or export via built-in USB port.

Globeius is the distributor for Mouldpro products in North America.  To learn more about Flosense, contact your Globeius representative today by calling 305-889-1782.

Globeius represents numerous leading brands from the USA and Europe. A complete listing of Globeius Brands can be found on the company’s website.

About Globeius Inc.
Globeius Inc is a third-generation family business based in Miami, Florida.  Founded by Hector Sosa, the company began as a small manufacturers rep group targeting Latin America almost 40 years ago.  The organization has developed a strong reputation for integrity and technical support and built a team with tremendous experience in importation and distribution.  The company’s focus is to bring quality and innovative solutions from Europe and the USA to processors in the plastics industry throughout North and South America.  Globeius offers a broad range of products that help processors improve their productivity and increase profitability including water hoses and manifolds, EOAT and maintenance supplies, conveyors, granulators, heavy duty mold racks and much more.  Globeius is also the exclusive distributor for Plastiblow all-electric extrusion blow molding machines in the US, Canada and Mexico.