While work on the first issue of 2024 is well underway, we paused to see which Plastics Business articles from 2023 caught the eyes of our readers. The following stories were the top reads from 2023 for visitors to the website.

  1. Recycled Resins Fill Sustainability Gaps in Plastics Processing
    Consumer preference increasingly favors sustainable products and is driving worldwide regulatory action. In 2022, McKinsey analyzed sustainable regulatory development across 30 countries. It found that an overwhelming majority – 29 of those 30 – have started to “discuss and implement” sustainable packaging regulations.
  2. Secondary Education Programs Offer Opportunities in Plastics
    The US manufacturing industry continues to face challenges recruiting workers. Colleges and universities are helping to address the problem by offering plastics-oriented courses and credentials, ranging from degree programs that equip young adults with an educational foundation in the industry to credential programs designed for working professionals. What are colleges offering, and what might they need from industry partners to support manufacturing in a way that will fill its needs?
  3. Hiring Skilled Labor in an Uncertain Job Market
    Plastics manufacturers reading this article, likely are involved in the hiring process but the question resides – is it enjoyable? It stands to reason that most people aren’t going to give full attention to the less enjoyable aspects of their job. However, in today’s uncertain and skills-short market, the hiring process requires constant attention and should be handled with urgency.
  4. Strengthening Plastics Manufacturing Performance via Management by Exception
    Running a plastics processing operation – with its constant flow of materials, people, machinery and information – is one of the most demanding management jobs in the world. Without proper supervision and control, the operation can slip into inefficiencies and delays that drive up costs while lowering customer satisfaction.
  5. Best Practices for New Program Start-Up: The Supplier Perspective
    Molders and OEMs are accustomed to the industry’s pressures when it comes to onboarding suppliers, mold production cycles, meeting customer demands, implementing new protocols, and the list goes on – but, what about the pressure that comes with a new program start-up?