RJG’s CoPilot™ Now with Cavity Pressure Monitoring

Traverse City, Michigan-based injection molding training, technology and resources company RJG’s CoPilot™ now has an advanced software option. CoPilot+ offers a variety of new options, including cavity pressure monitoring, the ability to run DECOUPLED MOLDING® III processes, cavity balance view for hot runner molds and part containment.

CoPilot is an injection molding process monitoring and control software that allows users to view and record data from the machine and mold. CoPilot+ cavity pressure monitoring allows users to see what’s happening from the plastic’s point of view through the use of sensors placed in the mold. This allows users to see if a process is running properly to ensure part consistency. It also allows for automatic part sorting if a process strays—that means no reject parts are shipped to customers.

Bright red and green screens immediately notify users how each press is performing in real time. If the screen turns red, the machine is producing reject parts and needs attention. That means plant managers can see how each machine is performing from afar—no more walking the aisles.

CoPilot+ allows users to set up new jobs, view multiple data sets at once, customize dashboards and view historical data through a whole new customer experience. They can choose between classic cycle graphs and new, easy-to-read bar graphs. Job overview screens show which settings are off template so users can get to the root of the problem up front. No more button pushing.

In addition to process monitoring, CoPilot+ offers process logs, which tell users if any alarms were changed, when, what and by whom. This eliminates the guesswork that often stems from unexpected changes.

Users can network all CoPilot systems to The Hub®, which allows for remote monitoring, historical data analytics, job audit reports and more. They can instantly know which machines are running, down or producing reject parts. Building and exporting reports allow users to view and share historical trends and reoccurring problems to prove processes and reduce liability. They no longer have to manually audit processes, saving significant time and resources.

For more information, visit www.rjginc.com.