From the Editor: February 2020 ENews

Hey everyone. Welcome to February and how about those Kansas City Chiefs?!?

I’m Dianna Brodine, the managing editor for Plastics Business Magazine. Our offices are located about an hour down the road from the Chiefs Stadium so Sunday was a darn good day around here. My apologies to all those 49ers fans.

In today’s issue of Plastics Business eNews, I’m pretty excited about the article from Crescent Industries. Crescent is a Pennsylvania injection molder that has put significant effort into updating its job descriptions.

What do the job descriptions look like at your company? Maybe three or four sentences, a few bullet points? And how long has it been since you’ve actually looked at them?

At Crescent, the job descriptions are now incredibly detailed. Each description contains physical work requirements, travel requirements, work hazards and key performance indicators. Not only does this lay out expectations from the very beginning when a new employee comes on board, but it also sets the stage for their annual employee review. Training requirements are also laid out in the job descriptions, including the training required for employees who want to advance within their jobs. It’s a great story and I think every company can take something away from it, so I hope you click through and read it in the ENews.

Also in this issue is a market update on UV-curable 3D printing. 3D printing technology experts from Carbon and BASF have weighed in, along with an industry consultant who says that one of the key things holding 3D printing back in markets like automotive and medical is a lack of material standards. The only way to solve that problem is through cooperation from injection molders, materials developers and OEMs.

That’s really all I have for you today. Stay warm, enjoy February and “Go Chiefs!”