iD Additives Adds Products to Its Eco-Pro 360 Rust Removal and Cooling Channel Cleaning Product Line

iD Additives, Inc., a leading North American supplier of additives that include foaming agents, purging compounds and rust remover and preventatives, has announced it will be adding new products to its Eco-Pro 360 product line. Effective immediately, the company will be distributing products from Chemagineering Corporation designed to clean and maintain cooling lines in plastics extruders, thermoformers and other equipment.

The Chemagineering products will be marketed under the iD Eco-Pro 360 brand. They are all eco-friendly products designed to optimize closed-loop cooling water systems:

  • The CH-7:54 Industrial Cleaner is a water-based, all-organic, safe and effective scale and metal oxide corrosion product cleaner the replaces hazardous and environmentally unfriendly mineral acid descalers.
  • The Extrusion Performance Fluid (EPF) conditioning formula is an inhibited, all-organic, high purity water-based coolant designed to prevent cooling water system corrosion and mineral scale fouling.
This photo shows contaminated plastics extruder water reservoir samples before and after being treated with CH-7:54 and maintained with Extrusion Performance Fluid (EPF) Coolant treatment. Photo courtesy of iD Additives.

“These two new products are a perfect fit to our Eco-Pro 360 line,” said Nick Sotos, president of iD Additives. “Our current Eco-Pro products are perfect for removing rust and cleaning out clogged water lines in injection molds, heat exchangers, chill rolls, and other system components, but the CH-7:54 cleaner and EPF water conditioner are the next step, providing more of a closed-loop system solution designed for cleaning and maintaining cooling lines.”

The fact that both products are eco-friendly was extremely important, said Sotos. “We would not offer products that are hazardous to the environment,” he said. “These products meet our criteria for safety and are a natural extension of our Eco-Pro line.”

Both products are manufactured by Chemagineering Corporation of Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Founded in 1987, Chemagineering has years of experience solving water-related problems in the plastics, printing and other industries. Dr. Peter Greenlimb, president of Chemagineering, said: “We are excited to partner with iD Additives. There is a real synergy between our product lines, and we look forward to having iD promote and sell our solutions to the plastics industry.”

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