Diversified Plastics White Paper Discusses Design for Manufacturing

Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), Minneapolis, Minnesota, a custom plastic-injection molder and additive manufacturer of high-precision components, has released a white paper titled “Design for Manufacturing Yields Better Profits and Shortens Time to Market.” This white paper explores how parts intended for plastic-injection molding – simple or complex – can benefit from optimizations found during the design for manufacturing (DfM) process.

“Working with an experienced plastic-injection molding and tooling production partner during the design phase can streamline the process,” said Mark Gremmels, director of operations of Diversified Plastics. “DfM helps avoid costly pitfalls and time-consuming iterations, allowing for a quicker time to market.”

This white paper provides information about a few key DfM topics that can offer immediate benefits, including material selection, wall thickness, corner radii, draft angles and mold-flow analysis. It summarizes performance requirement considerations for selecting the right material for a part, as well as design techniques to avoid warping and cosmetic issues.

Additionally, it discusses structural strength benefits of optimized wall transitions with sufficient radii. Readers also will gain an understanding of how mold-flow analysis, performed by subject-matter experts, can proactively address manufacturability problem areas.

For more information or to download the white paper, visit www.divplast.com/design-for-manufacturing/.