Participating in the Plastics Industry Fly-In: Why Government Lobbying is Important

Participating in the Plastics Industry Fly-In: Why Government Lobbying is Important

by Ashley Turrell Burleson

MAPP, Inc.


Plasltics industry leaders lobby at the United States Capitol during the 2017 Plastics Industry Fly-in. See more photos from the fly-in in the gallery, located below the article.

The Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors (MAPP) believes in building strong industry partnerships to make a positive impact on MAPP member companies. On July 25-26, MAPP again partnered with the PLASTICS Association for its annual Plastics Industry Fly-In.

The fly-in event brings together plastics professionals from across the nation to meet with their elected representatives and talk about the important issues facing the plastics industry. As a representative of nearly 400 plastics organizations or nearly 100,000 plastics professionals, MAPP felt it was imperative to have a presence at this year’s event.

MAPP staff and board of directors were represented at this year’s fly-in. With a new administration in place, this year’s goal was aimed at shining a light on major policy points impacting the plastics industry, with the hope that this administration would be more receptive than the previous administration. Major issues that were talked about during fly-in meetings were: lower corporate tax rates, open competition for materials for federally-funded infrastructure projects, stronger free trade policies, finding solutions for the skills gap and regulatory reform.

Before meeting with elected officials, both industry professionals and government officials spoke in-depth with the group. Furthering the education and knowledge of specific, industry-wide pain points prepared MAPP’s representatives to begin comprehensive conversations with elected officials. All the topics discussed have a direct effect on MAPP member companies and the plastics industry as a whole.

This year’s meetings felt productive, and MAPP is hopeful that they fell on receptive ears. Next year, MAPP looks forward to having a larger presence and making an even deeper impact.

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2017 Plastics Industry Fly-In
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