Frigel Announces Chiller Line Expansion

Frigel Announces Chiller Line Expansion

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Frigel, Scandicci, Italy, has nearly tripled its line of modular Heavygel 3HL and 3HM air-cooled central chillers to give users the ability to only purchase the chilled water capacity they need now – with the flexibility to readily and cost-effectively add capacity later.

The expanded line of chillers also is engineered with a host of new features to ensure operational efficiency and optimal performance. The air-cooled Heavygel chillers are available in 34 models, vs. 12 original models. They deliver anywhere from 79-1428kW (26-393 tons) of cooling capacity. Additionally, multiple models are available for operation in ambient temperatures that range from -15 to 55°C (5-131°F), making them well-suited for use virtually anywhere in the world.

Heavygel chillers are also available in a wide variety of configurations, including units designed to connect to external pumping systems, to completely packaged systems that already contain all needed auxiliary components. A variety of condenser fans, such as variable speed units that automatically adjust to varying loads and ambient conditions, offer even more options to address the cooling needs of the operation.

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