All-Plastics Adds Capabilities, White Room

All-Plastics Adds Capabilities, White Room

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All-Plastics, a Dallas, Texas-based injection molder, has made numerous key additions to its list of capabilities, including a white room to support continued growth in secondary operations.

All-Plastics has enhanced its facility with six new injection molding machines (five horizontal and one vertical) with tonnage ranging from 14 to 200 tons. The company also added support manufacturing equipment, including four new robots, a spin welder and an EDM for the tool room. The 14-ton machine has converged with a vertical injection unit in a hard wall clean room to mold micro componentry in a controlled environment.

The acquisition of equipment has allowed All-Plastics to take on larger transfer projects while maintaining its current capacity with room for expansion. The current assembly area, built last January, will be transformed into a new engineering center for rapid prototyping.

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