Conair Upgrades TrueBlend Blender

Conair Upgrades TrueBlend Blender

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The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, upgraded its TrueBlend™ gravimetric blenders to include the next-generation SmartBlend™ SB-3 control and mechanical design changes that eliminate material losses, optimize critical blends and simplify clean-out and maintenance.

Accessed through an enlarged and more vivid, 256-color, 7-inch touchscreen display, the SB-3 control simplifies blending control with friendlier, more intuitive graphics, easier programming and more comprehensive monitoring and control features. It also sustains a best-in-industry dosing accuracy of 0.025 percent for the total batch dispensed, thanks to Conair’s unique “feed forward” dosing algorithm.

Compared to earlier versions, the SB-3 control requires less navigation and fewer steps to create and store material blending recipes, and its expanded memory now can store 3,000 recipes and 4,000 resin names. The SB-3 control also simplifies automatic data collection, enabling users to produce company-wide reports (inventory, jobs, recipes and more) using Microsoft SQL Server over standard Ethernet networks.

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