MAPP Board Member Profile: Edward J. Holland

Plastics Business

Editor’s note: MAPP’s board of directors encourages plastics processors to utilize the knowledge contained within the MAPP network. To familiarize readers with the board, each member will be profiled by Plastics Business ENews. This month, get to know Ed Holland, president of M. Holland Company.

Edward J. Holland, President/CEO, M. Holland Company, Northbrook, Illinois

MAPP Member Since: 2010, sponsor since 2011

# of Employees: 160

# of Presses: NA

Industries served?

We sell to virtually all end use industries and all types of processors: serving injection molders, film extruders, blow molders, rotational molders, thermoformers, profile and pipe extruders.

How did plastics become your career?

Out of my five siblings, I was the least likely to join the family business. Originally, I was planning on going to med school. Freshman year I met my future wife and, suddenly, 10 more years of schooling didn’t fit with my new life vision. I went to my dad and asked him to explain more about the family business. I went back to school and changed my major from “pre-med” to “pre-dad.” I earned a BA in finance from the University of Illinois in December 1975, graduated and got married in the same day. We came back from our honeymoon and I went right to work. I joined the company as a sells rep in January 1976, was promoted to sales and sourcing manager in 1980, and then vice president of sales and sourcing in 1984. In the early 1990s I took on the added role and responsibilities of President and in 1994 added the title of CEO.

Describe your company

My father, Marvin Holland, started the company in 1950 as a plastics resin compounder. In the 60s, due to shifts in the market place, we transitioned into resale and distribution. Since then, we’ve grown to be the largest family-owned plastic resin distributor in North America. We bridge the gap between resin producers and plastic processors. We pride ourselves on being the trusted partner to our customers and suppliers, delivering world-class commodity and engineering thermoplastic resins and services.

In what areas are you willing to share your experiences with other processors?

I am always willing to provide any insight I can. As a company that has been around for more than 60 years, we have gained a lot of industry knowledge and experience. We have a world-class technical team that specializes in design, material selections and application development. Our commercial team provides exceptional value and market expertise. If someone is presented with an opportunity or challenge that they are not sure how to handle, chances are we’ve been through it before and can help create solutions.

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