By Lindsey Munson, editor, Plastics Business

NPE2024: The Plastics Show has left its mark on the plastics industry – processors and suppliers are buzzing with eagerness and excitement to build on the momentum from the educational learnings, networking and connections with industry experts and capitalize on the latest technology advancements and innovations. The week of May 6-10, 2024, brought over 2,000 exhibitors which filled the six Technology Zones that took over the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The Technology Zones consolidated the individual sector’s most cutting-edge equipment, tools, materials and processes. Plastics Business magazine was onsite to experience firsthand the plastics industry’s newest technological equipment and solutions – and it was extraordinary to see its partners and many other companies in action at the tradeshow.

Absolute Haitian Showcases Generation 5 IMMs
Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Massachusetts, the exclusive distributor of Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machines in the US and Canada showcased the fifth generation of the Haitian servo-hydraulic and Zhafir electric injection molding machines. Generation 5 injection molding machines (IMMs) provide molders with a performance upgrade, with an emphasis on enhancements in energy efficiency, overall performance and intelligence. For the new injection molding machine models, the Generation 5 IMMs offer a combination of up to 20% energy savings, decreased machine footprint and improved cycle times. For more information, visit

Conair Showcases AI-Driven Conveying Technology
Conair, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, a global supplier of auxiliary equipment solutions to plastics processors, showcased 55 pieces of equipment, working medical and filament extrusion lines, and 12 new products. Highlighting Conair’s booth was the interactive demonstrations of a novel and patented AI-driven conveying technology that virtually eliminates the need for human interaction or adjustments to the central conveying system. This patented AI technology creates and maintains optimal source-to-destination material flows regardless of material characteristics, distances or destinations while automatically compensating for common conveying problems. Conair shared that its AI-driven conveying technology offers processors a practical, affordable and technically advanced way to meet high labor training and turnover costs directly. For more information, visit

Frigel Showcases Process Cooling and Temperature Control Solutions
Frigel North America, East Dundee, Illinois, a supplier of process heating and cooling systems, showcased its process cooling and temperature solutions designed for the following plastics fields, including automotive, packaging, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and household. As a global solutions provider, Frigel showcased four key innovative solutions. The Microgel™ RSY Syncro Series increases productivity by up to 50% while maintaining the surface quality, dimensional characteristics and mechanical performance of the finished products. The ECODRY 4DK Series Adiabatic Coolers are patented, centralized and closed-circuit adiabatic cooling systems designed to replace old cooling tower technology. The NETGEL 3PR 4.0 Control System provides real-time control of the entire Frigel central cooling system (parameters, functions, alarms, etc.) and is available in two versions, lite and premium. Full native connectivity to MiND™ and its new Human Machine Interface offers compatibility with Industry 4.0 architectures, providing easy visualization and process diagrams of the connected equipment, dashboards for main parameters, performance graphs and alarm management and history. The NETGEL MiND™ is an Industry 4.0 central system and machine-side web interface and monitoring platform. For more information, visit

Globeius Showcases Mold Solutions
Globeius, Miami, Florida, a supplier to the plastics processing industry for North and South America, showcased a range of innovative molding solutions, including GT Cranes, Heavy-Duty Modular Molding Racking System and MouldPro. Specifically designed for the injection molding industry, the GT Cranes offer benefits, including running on a single-man operation, up to 55,000 lbs capacity and horizontal, vertical, angled and rotating boom arm dexterity. The Heavy-Duty Modular Mold Racking System can hold shelf loads from 4,400 – 22,000 lbs with an electric actuator with benefits, including reducing floorspace cost by up to 50%, reducing forklift time and costs, improving safety and more. Designed to optimize mold cooling, MouldPro helps injection molders improve part quality and maximize productivity. For more information, visit

iD Additives Showcases Eco-Pro 360 System
iD Additives, La Grange, Illinois, a supplier of chemical foaming agents, purging compounds, plastic mold cleaners, preventative maintenance cleaning systems and other products for the plastics industry, showcased its main product lines and conducted a live demonstration of its Eco-Pro 360 Plastic Mold Cleaning System. The Eco-Pro 360 is a preventative maintenance cleaning system for injection molds and other products that includes a pump and filter combination unit. It removes, protects and helps prevent rust and limescale within the cooling passages and water lines in the mold. The built-in filter function allows the Eco-Pro 360 solution to remain at peak performance for optimal reusability. For more information, visit

LS Mtron Showcases ONE* Series, Keba Controller
LS Mtron Injection Molding Machine, a division of LS Mtron, Duluth, Georgia, a supplier of customized digital injection molding solutions, showcased an array of new equipment, including a hybrid processing method that combines virgin and recycled material and a larger multifunction touch controller. LS Mtron IMM conducted a demonstration of the Keba Controller with its ONE* Series. The Keba Controller offers easy cycle analysis and unit conversion, as well as a memo function that lets users associate that data with a specific mold. The ONE* Series of hybrid IMMs is optimized for high-precision molding of automotive parts, using heavier molds to produce larger parts with detailed surface treatment. LS Mtron IMM demonstrated the ONE*-1400 producing the rear door side trim with clean surface finish for a Hyundai Motor Group vehicle. In addition, LS Mtron IMM showcased its new IMM line of LSG-E, LSG-H and LSG-V. For more information, visit

PCS Showcases MCS Temperature Control System
PCS Company, Fraser, Michigan, a Misumi Group Company, a supplier of solutions and innovation products for the plastics injection molding, molding making and die casting industries, showcased its MCS Hot Runner Control System that uses the latest technology to accelerate temperature control precisely and effortlessly. Universally effective for the control of all standard hot runner systems as well as for demanding high-performance applications, the MCS Hot Runner Control System features fast control response and next-level intuitive operation and provides unique and innovative controller functions that even untrained users can safely and confidently operate. In addition, integrated interfaces optimize communication between the controller and injection molding machine, enabling faster error detection, analysis and feedback. In addition, PCS showcased AIRTECT Plastics Leak Alarm systems, 0.750” Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings, Gesswein Mold & Die Micro Tig Welder U6-110V, Smartflow Custom Manifold Configurator and the complete line of Smartflow® product line. For more information, visit

Progressive Showcases Profile® v4
Progressive Components, Wauconda, Illinois, develops and distributes components for the production tooling industry, showcased its Profile® v4 cloud-based tracking system through live mold monitoring at partnering locations with visibility of both real-time monitoring and asset tracking of molds and machinery. The system is designed for OEMs, molders and mold builders to organize and track tooling activity. In addition to storing information for molds, dies, machines and fixtures, ProFile can interface with Progressive’s CVe Monitors for complete real-time monitoring capabilities. For more information, visit

RJG Showcases MAX System
RJG, Traverse City, Michigan, a global full-service injection molding solutions provider, showcased its CoPilot® process control system called MAX, the Process Advisor™. MAX utilizes AI technology powered by proven Master Molder® techniques to provide molders with real-time, expert guidance to optimize their injection molding processes. Featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, MAX offers guidance to molders by delivering step-by-step instructions for restoring a process to optimal performance. For more information, visit

WITTMANN USA Showcases Five IMM Work Cells
WITTMANN USA, Torrington, Connecticut, a manufacturer of injection molding machines, robots, auxiliary equipment and more, showcased five injection molding machine work cells that are fully integrated with the latest robots and auxiliaries. The MacroPower large tonnage servo hydraulic machine with electric metering motor features the innovative WITTMANN HiQ Flow® with regrind technology and molded a Sunroof Bezel from Axiom, using Hybrid grade recycled content PP from TotalEnergies; connected to the work cell was the WITTMANN WX153 robot. The SmartPower servo hydraulic 400 3-shot machine featured Cellmould on the outer layer of a cup and molded the 1-cavity “family mold” cup and lid from Haidlmair, with PP plus color from Borealis; connected to the work cell was the WX142 robot. The SmartPower 120 showcased LSR technology and mold beverage caps and covers from Nexus, featuring a 4-cavity family mold and LSR material from Momentive; connected to the work cell was the W918 robot. The MicroPower 15 2-shot featured Micro molding with liquid silicone rubber, where it molded a speaker membrane from Starlim Spritzguss GmbH, using PBT & LSR material. The SmartPower 4.0 demo cell featured WITTMANN 4.0 on the latest generation SmartPower servo hydraulic machine, with WITTMANN developed B8X controller and new multiconnector for screw and barrel assemblies; connected to the work cell was the W918 robot. For more information, visit