by Andrea Tellan, co-founder, m-hub

Launched during K 2019 in Düsseldorf, m-hub was created as an easy-to-use business tool to break barriers within the plastic supply chain and help plastic professionals take a step toward a digital future. It is a one-stop search for potential suppliers, customers and partners in the plastics industry. m-hub started as a mobile app to help professionals easily access information in their industry on the go. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it pivoted to a web-based platform to make things easier for those people working from home or from the office.

Within m-hub, everyone in the plastics industry – marketers, sales representative entrepreneurs, engineers, etc. – can create a free account and browse one of the largest databases of plastics companies in the world, ranging from the early stages of the supply chain to the end customer.

The platform aims to be the “Google for plastics,” and with 15,000 professionals and 5,000 companies registered and growing every month, that goal is closer than ever.

Search for resources and partners

Companies can be searched using a wide range of filters, from country and geolocation to core business, field of application and expertise. As the database is growing, a premium plan recently was introduced to allow users to perform unlimited searches and browse through all results for a small price.

From the list of results, users are able to review the companies which may fit their needs. Once suitable matches are found, customers easily can get in touch with the companies using the information available on the platform. Searches can be performed for free, applying all available filters, sharing the results of the first three companies.

Add a company profile

The plastic supply chain is a highly complex, diversified sector which comprises hundreds of thousands of companies and employs millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the possibility of creating a company profile for free, m-hub helps businesses stand out across the entire plastics world. The app allows even smaller companies and entrepreneurs to gain visibility worldwide and maximize their business opportunities.

Creating a company profile in m-hub is simple. After specifying a few basic contact details, such as the address and contact email of the company, the following business information should be specified:

  • Core Business: Users can pick up to three core business types for their company, embracing all sectors in the plastic industry.
  • Field of Application: This step, users select the most important market sectors for their company, ranging from automotive to domestic appliances, electronics, etc.
  • Expertise: This step allows users to specify the strengths and technologies within their business operations. The list includes 500+ areas of expertise that constantly are growing thanks to the contribution of the platform’s users.

The company page can be further enriched by adding a logo, background picture, products and other documents and certificates. The more data that is added, the higher the company will be displayed in search results. Each company can add unlimited products and solutions to showcase its capabilities to potential customers on a global stage. With a few clicks, it is possible to add up to three pictures for each product, specify the related expertise and market segment of the application and add a dedicated description. Additional visibility can be purchased through the Company Plus Plan, with the company showcased at the top of search results and on the home page of the platform.

Additional functionality in the mobile app

The mobile app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, provides an additional touchpoint for plastics industry professionals to search for information on the go. It includes mobile-specific features, such as a chat feature that allows users to quickly get in touch with potential targets without external emails or phone calls.

As the app was developed before the web version, it includes additional functionalities which will later be added to the web version, such as the possibility to search for products and machinery through dedicated filters. In fact, m-hub is also a marketplace for any kind of machinery in the plastic sector, allowing companies to add their machines for sale, for rental or to fill their production capacity. Additionally, buyers can find new or used machines with the specific technical requirements they need.

Companies can add their machines for sale by specifying basic details such as:

  • Machine type: The category is to be selected from among all types of machinery in the industry.
  • Machine name
  • Availability: Machines can either be available for sale (new, in-stock or used), for rental, for production or for trials.
  • Price: The price can be explicit or “on request” if users would like to disclose it at a later stage.

News and articles

As a one-stop solution, m-hub also provides access to selected News & Articles coming from established magazines that partnered up with us to make industry news available to everyone. Users can browse existing articles to keep up with what’s happening in the plastics industry worldwide. Topics range from new production processes, market updates, sustainability, recycling etc. Articles are free to read both from the website and the mobile app. Every week a notification with the most relevant article is sent to users who download the mobile app for maximum visibility.

A link to the original source is provided in case the customer is interested to know more.

m-hub is committed to keeping the platform accessible to everyone in the plastics industry, with free and premium plans available. See the tremendous resource the m-hub app or website can be to position your company’s brand in a global network. Join other industry leaders such as RJG, Conair, Falcon Plastics and Thogus. Research potential partners to help grow your organization or align with future customers who need your services.

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