2020 Innovation Award Winners: Technology on the Factory Floor

At MAPP’s core lives the mission to connect and share innovative best practices. Every year, MAPP’s board of directors selects a relevant and topical “theme” for the Innovation Award. MAPP members are encouraged to submit their company’s best practice in this theme. Submissions are sent out to the MAPP membership, and winners are voted on and selected by their peers. Winners of the Innovation Award are recognized on stage at MAPP’s annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference each October – this year, virtually. Winners also receive a check, free registration to specific events and recognition in MAPP’s national publications.

MAPP’s leadership team believes that being an innovator requires nothing more than owning what you do and having pride in it. Innovation isn’t something a company or an individual does separately from their everyday work. Instead, innovation is a means of taking a look at the work you and your colleagues do and seeing how you can do it better.

Under $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • 1st Place: Automation Plastics
  • 2nd Place: Noble Plastics
  • 3rd Place: Bamar

Above $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • 1st Place: Intertech Medical
  • 2nd Place: Falcon Plastics, Tennessee
  • 3rd Place: HPC

This is the sixth year for the MAPP Innovation Award. Nearly 30 final submissions were submitted for voting, and more than 400 votes came in from industry peers to determine the winners. For more information on the award winners, visit www.mappinc.com.

Above and Beyond Leadership Recognition Award

mapp-2020-leadership-recognition-award-logo2020 was not a normal year for anyone, and individuals at companies across the United States have had to step up and take on new challenges like never before. This year, MAPP recognized those individuals who made a difference in a big way at their organizations. Leadership, innovation and ingenuity happen at all levels of an organization, and MAPP believes that it is more important than ever to celebrate those team members who heard opportunity knocking and answered the door.

The recognition is given by nomination only, which means that these individuals have been recognized by co-workers at their organizations to be essential to success. The following individuals were recognized in front of 1,000 of their industry peers at the 2020 Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference in October.

  • Amanda Wiriya
  • Brian Dougall
  • Bryan Barrera
  • Danielle Truitt
  • Eric Berg
  • Suzie Thomas
  • Mike Hebert
  • Will Wilke

New Members

MAPP is proud to welcome the following plastics organizations into the MAPP network.

  • HMMI – Sparta, Tennessee
  • Nylacarb Corp. – Vero Beach, Florida
  • UPM Inc. – Baldwin Park, California
  • SWPC – Deep River, Connecticut
  • Profile Plastics, Inc. – Lake Bluff, Illinois
  • Tuf-Tite, Inc. – Lake Zurich, Illinois
  • B&D Manufacturing – Kokomo, Indiana
  • Placon Corporation – Madison, Wisconsin
  • CEW – Baldwyn, Mississippi

Wage and Salary 2020 Now Available

For the past 18 years, MAPP annually has published its Wage and Salary Report. The 2020 Wage and Salary Report includes comprehensive wage and salary data from over 200 plastics processors across the United States.

Data includes compensation information on nearly 60 job titles common in the plastics industry, with breakdowns based on annual sales revenue and geographic locations, as well as operational trends, such as PTO and benefits.

This report allows plastics leaders to:

  • Save money and time by getting industry data all in one place
  • Make better salary and compensation decisions
  • Pay people the right way and know the latest best practices in compensation packages

“Companies in the plastics industry rely on this data to help drive their compensation and remain competitive. As this data provided comes from actual payroll data from plastics companies, executives know they can use it to benchmark their compensation packages. By breaking down the information by company size and region, the report provides an easy guide to understanding how to best structure salary base and recruit talent in a competitive labor market,” stated Ashley Turrell, MAPP’s membership and analytics director.

As the industry leader in providing meaningful and relevant industry data, MAPP continues to produce and publish benchmarking reports for industry executives. All benchmarking opportunities are driven by MAPP member organizations, and new benchmarking studies are added throughout the year. Benchmarking reports are available for purchase on the MAPP website at www.mappinc.com/resources.

MAPP Changes Membership Dues Structure

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, new members joining the MAPP organization will see a new membership dues structure in place. Current MAPP members will not see any changes to their annual membership dues investment. This dues structure has been adjusted for the first time in 12 years. The new structure highlights key aspects of the changing industry and the mission of the MAPP organization, including the following:

  1. A dues structure more reflective of current and growing company sizes
  2. Increased value and opportunity offered through membership
  3. Focus on investment and engagement in the industry and the association

Companies current on their MAPP membership, or new companies joining the association prior to Jan. 1, 2021, will be grandfathered into the current dues structure for the upcoming year.

More information on these changes and an outline of the new membership dues structure will be published on the MAPP website. If you have questions, contact the MAPP office at info@mappinc.com.