NPE2018 Brings the Latest Technology to Orlando

More than 65,000 professionals representing the entire plastics industry and its vertical markets will assemble in Orlando, Florida, from May 7 to 11 to discover the latest trends and newest technology being used in the plastics industry. The companies listed here are of particular interest to readers of Plastics Business. For more information, visit

Absolute Robot, Inc.
Booth W4182

Displaying cost-effective Well-Lih in-mold labeling (IML) automation in action. The system performs in the same league as industry-leading competitors but is available at a 20-30 percent lower cost. The IML system is available throughout the US, Canada and Mexico from Absolute Robot, Inc., and internationally through Well-Lih.

AMCO Polymers
Booth S26045

Providing peace of mind through genuine relationships, 24/7 customer service and industry-leading logistics. AMCO Polymers is a solution-focused distributor. A comprehensive, diverse line card plus its expert team allows the company to provide optimized solutions.

American Mold Builders Association
Booth S33058

Distributing membership information, the AMBA Sourcebook of US mold builders and The American Mold Builder magazine. AMBA is the competitive advantage for US mold builders, providing workforce development resources, benchmarking metrics, cost-saving programs, peer exchange forums, plant tour workshops, conferences and more.

Asaclean – Sun Plastech, Inc.
Booth W3283

Featuring color-change demonstrations, exciting giveaways and free samples. Asaclean is #1 worldwide in purging compounds for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and blown film. Benefits include faster changeovers, removal of color/carbon, fewer screw pulls, lower scrap rates and greater cost savings.

Aurora Plastics, LLC
Booth S11167

Specializing in high-quality rigid, flexible and foam PVC, thermoplastic polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, chlorinated polyethylene compounds, low-smoke zero halogen compounds and concentrates. These products are offered in either powder or pellet form, ensuring consistency and reliability in a variety of applications.

Carson Tool & Mold
Booth S19175

Engineering, manufacturing and repairing plastic injection molds and components to the highest quality. The company is celebrating its 73rd anniversary.

Chase Plastic Services, Inc.
Booth S21035

Providing a free, full-service barista bar where up to 500 custom-brewed beverages will be served to customers, qualified leads and valued suppliers each day. Meet with any booth staff to learn how Chase Plastic Services can help turn new products from resin to reality.

Cincinnati Process Technologies
Booth W8777

Featuring a single solution source for plastics manufacturers looking to improve quality, reduce costs, lower energy usage and increase the performance and efficiency of its operations. CPT sells, installs and services a new line of value-priced injection molding machines, robots and automation systems, parts, screws and barrels. Services include control system retrofits, machine calibration and repairs.

Booths W1845 and S14045

Leading global supplier of auxiliary equipment, Conair’s NPE focus will be on uptime, introducing smart manufacturing solutions that help customers devote more time to making quality products and less time installing and maintaining equipment. Also featuring new developments in resin drying, blending, feeding, storage and conveying, temperature control, scrap reclaim and extrusion.

Extreme Tool & Engineering
Booth W5391

Providing superior customer service while priding itself on delivering results, not excuses. Extreme is an injection molder with enthusiasm for innovation. Aiming to be as responsive and detailed as ever, its talented team members, with unique skill sets, drive the company’s ability and willingness to tackle the most complex injection molding projects.

Frigel North America
Booths S14085 and W193

Displaying in the bottle zone will be high-performance Microgel and Turbogel units with enhancements designed for the blow molding industry. A second booth will showcase new Frigel MiND™ web interactive system for all Frigel cooling equipment to conform to Industry 4.0. New Microgel digital controls, Frigel Process Cooling Diamond Service presentation for the plastics industry and more.

Graham Engineering Corporation
Booth W2743

Displaying some of the company’s flagship extrusion-based systems for blow molding, sheet, medical tubing, wire and cable, and other applications, each equipped with a proprietary Navigator® control system for live demonstration of its accuracy and ease of use.

Gros Executive Recruiters
Booth W4237

Assisting plastics and packaging manufacturers in successfully acquiring top talent since 1989. Using advanced sourcing tools, Gros delivers results quickly and at attractive rates. Whether it is a process engineer, tool room manager, salesperson or CEO, Gros Executive Recruiters can help find qualified candidates to fill the position.

iD Additives, Inc.
Booth S28084

Providing unmatched technical support for innovative products. At iD Additives’ booth, learn more about how its foaming agents, purging and liquid color products save money and improve product quality for molders, extruders and other processors.

INCOE Corporation
Booths W4463 and S19023

Featuring technical hot runner solutions, peer networking and beverage hospitality at its main booth. Kick back and relax, network and enjoy a beverage at INCOE’s Customer Appreciation Lounge at its second booth.

Booth S20023

Providing powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions that enable manufacturers to operate more efficiently and profitably than ever before, since 1989. IQMS has developed the most comprehensive and effective ERP solution available – EnterpriseIQ®.

MachineSense LLC
Booth W3729

Exhibiting at the same booth as its sister technology company, Novatec, MachineSense offers various industrial internet sensors particularly aimed at detecting and monitoring machinery and electrical systems. Retrofit versions of vacuum pump analyzers and electrical analyzers will be shown and demonstrated at the booth.

Booth S31096

Working to provide plastics processors with bottom-line impacting programs, superior networking, benchmarking and cutting-edge resources. MAPP members succeed and win, impacting industry sustainability.

Mold Craft, Inc.
Booth W4207

Designing and building micro molds for successful, high-volume, single- and multi-cavity, multi-mold projects for small, intricate parts for perfection-driven customers since 1964. Mold Craft, Inc. will be molding a 100µm gear filter live, using leading-edge micro mold design and build. Mold Craft offers complete and true interchangeability of components at tolerances to ±0.0001″.

Molding Business Services (MBS)
Booth W150

Offering merger/acquisition advisory, recruiting and specialty consulting services for injection molders, plastics processors and other engineered component manufacturers. MBS has advised on nearly 90 M&A transactions and recruits about 100 professionals per year for molders and processors around the world.

Mueller Prost CPAs & Business Advisors
Booth S31094

Helping manufacturers for more than 30 years. Mueller Prost’s expertise has helped its clients develop dynamic companies that expect and anticipate changes in the marketplace. The company strives to provide business solutions and opportunities to its clients so they can reach a level of excellence. Mueller Prost specializes in the identification and substantiation of tax incentives for the plastics industry.

Novatec, Inc.
Booth W3729

Displaying its complete line of plastic resin dryers, conveying systems and downstream profile extrusion products. Additionally, multiple new mobile beside-the-press dryers will be introduced at the show, including a nitrogen-generating dryer and dryers equipped with thermal and moisture overload protection, both keyed at avoiding yellowing and oxidation of specialty resins.

Booths S31137 and S31090

Manufacturing solution for medical, aerospace, commercial and technology markets. With ISO cleanroom and whiteroom production floors, a hybrid automation and prototyping center, metrology institute and a tooling and machining facility, the grounds contain each block and division for the complete product development life cycle and launch. The portal will live-stream its main attraction and direct visitors.

Paulson Training Programs, Inc.
Booth W5073

Delivering dynamic technical training, the company teaches the fundamentals and advanced topics of scientific injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and more for the plastics industry. For decades, Paulson has empowered individuals, companies and academic organizations with proven, expert, vendor-neutral knowledge and skills that ensure lasting and profitable success.

Plastics Business
Booth S32089

Reaching a targeted audience of plastics executives involved with all types of plastics processing. Through print, digital and mobile distribution, each magazine issue shares information on operational challenges, industry benchmarks and production efficiencies.

Polymer Technology & Services, LLC
Booth S26045

Announcing it now is a part of Amco Polymers. As a leader in customer service, OEM application development and product technology, PTS is a natural and strategic fit for Amco.

Booth S30097

Providing engineered plastic resin solutions, with focus on customers and application development. Using its superior list of suppliers and technical expertise and support to provide solutions to OEMs and molders all over the globe. Offering 25 years of experience and investment in every step of success.

Progressive Components
Booths S33004 and W4871

Introducing advancements in mold monitoring and maintenance technology, and new mold components and mechanisms for optimal injection mold performance. Progressive Components is the only American-owned, independently operated developer and distributor of proprietary mold mechanisms, and maintenance and monitoring software for the injection molding industry.

RJG, Inc.
Booth W3383

Removing the frustrations that often stem from mold rework, lack of processing knowledge, long cycle times, high scrap rates and high costs of manual inspection. Providing networkable process control systems, cavity pressure-sensing technology, process training, and process and design consulting.

SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding (SIGMA Plastic Services)
Booth S30023

Exhibiting SIGMASOFT® virtual molding technology, SIGMA’s software was created to evaluate and optimize processes and molds, increasing efficiency, productivity and part quality.

Star Plastics, Inc.
Booth S19205

Compounding engineering-grade thermoplastics, Star Plastics is headquartered in Ravenswood, West Virginia. With an accomplished full-service laboratory to develop, test and process materials, Star Plastics offers high-quality custom color compounding (known for lot-to-lot consistency), tolling services and material marketing.

Booth S30093

Specializing in investment banking, valuation advisory, dispute consulting and management consulting, Stout is an independent advisory firm. Its Investment Banking Group focuses on mergers, acquisitions and capital raising for privately-held businesses and companies. Its plastics industry practice has experience with companies in medical, packaging, industrial and automotive markets.

Synventive Molding Solutions
Booth W643

Providing the highest quality hot runner products and enabling technologies, Synventive is expanding what’s possible in injection molding. Synventive Molding Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot runner systems for the plastics industry.

Syscon International, Inc.
Booth W4844

Launching PlantStar 4.0 in 2018. New features include upgraded user interfaces and customizable reporting in real time. New industrial shop floor tablets, along with the best data collection system available, offer real-time data exchange for improved ERP, TPM and QMS integration, along with providing Big Data to the cloud for analytics to meet Industry 4.0 needs.

Vive Marketing
Booth S30091

Providing marketing services for manufacturing companies, especially in the plastics industry. Its focus is on strategic marketing and communications initiatives that complement sales efforts. The Vive team works on delivering tailored brand identities to illustrate a distinct brand perception.

Wittmann-Battenfeld, Inc.
Booth W3742

Displaying the latest technologies in robots and automation, injection molding machines and material handling/auxiliary equipment. Also, experience the leading edge in Smart Factory technology with Wittmann 4.0 demonstrations. While the industry standards are still developing, Wittmann-Battenfeld has a solution now that will support the pathway to true 4.0.

Yushin America, Inc.
Booth W2173

Introducing its brand-new FRA robot. It features the all new Intuline – IoT System and E Touch V Controller. Yushin also will display a new collaborative robot, new servo wrists, end-of-arm tooling design software and a fully-automated work cell featuring the company’s newest space-saving CT2 model robot.