Pereles Brothers Joins Manufacturing Network

Business gurus often talk about the view from 30,000 feet - the big picture that provides a look at overall operations. Perhaps, however, the focus should be on the view from 30 feet - a close-up of specific processes and procedures that make an impact now.

by Jen Clark, Plastics Business

Building a collaborative relationship with other manufacturing partners often is the key to gaining new customers or retaining long-time customers with new production needs. Pereles Brothers, a Milwaukee, WI-based injection molding company, has joined an innovative business network that unites members in the manufacturing community from Chicago to Milwaukee.

Pereles Brothers has served the medical, food service, automotive aftermarket, electrical and other industries with a customer- focused approach to the design and development of specialized products since 1925. The company recently joined the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network, a group of 14 companies that serve as a one-stop-shop for clients looking for customized work to bring a project to fruition.

Pereles’ introduction to the Network was happenstance. Jeremy Hahn, a representative of Chirch Global Manufacturing, visited the custom injection molding facility in May to speak with Purchasing Manager Dan Baneck about pricing for a project. When their conversation turned to the network, Baneck asked Ted Muccio, president of Pereles, to join the discussion. “I was intrigued by the concept,” Muccio said.

By the next week, Network founder Anthony L. Chirchirillo was in Milwaukee to tour the Pereles facility. “He basically did an audit of our company,” Muccio said. “He met with all of our people. We talked about our business plan and where the company is going. Everything happened very quickly – within a few weeks.”

The Chirch Global Manufacturing Network was created by Chirchirillo in 2011. It is a collaborative business model of best-in-class manufacturers creating added value for customers. It consists of small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies that combine tool- and-die, metal stamping, fabrication and other capabilities and resources to offer a high-quality, one-stop resource. The network includes more than 1,400 employees, more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. of factory/warehouse space and aggregate annual revenue of more than $225 million.

While Pereles Brothers has only been involved for a short time, Muccio said the benefits of joining are clear. “I’ve been able to meet a number of other sources in the Network that we will be able to utilize for projects such as metal stamping,” he said, adding Pereles recently received four requests for quotes from within the Network. “It allows me to have more boots on the ground, so to speak. We can use members involved in the Network to produce part of a job and that gives us more selling power.”

The companies within the Chirch Global Network are located in Illinois and Wisconsin. The addition of Pereles Brothers “adds a new dimension to our collaborative manufacturing business model,” Chirchirillo said in a news release. “Including Pereles Brothers in the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network achieves an unprecedented level of cooperation among manufacturers in the Chicago to Milwaukee corridor for the benefit of our customers.”