Injequaly Expands to New Plastic Injection Molding Facility

Injequaly Expands to New Plastic Injection Molding Facility

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São Paulo, Brazil-based plastic injection molding company Injequaly, a partner of Viking Plastics headquartered in Corry, Pennsylvania, recently moved to a new, larger facility in Aruja to better serve its customers and expand business with companies throughout Brazil.

Injequaly’s new 2,000-square-meter facility provides twice the manufacturing floor space as its previous plant in Itaquera. The company will use the same basic plant layout as in its previous facility, but now have much needed room for growth. When the business started in 2003, Injequaly had just two plastic injection molding machines and three employees. The company has expanded to 10 machines ranging from 60 tons to 320 tons, all under five years of use, and a staff of 35. There are plans to expand to 14 machines ranging up to 450 tons by July 2017. Injequaly recently purchased a Haitian 200-ton plastic injection molding machine that will enable the company to meet the scheduled demand for 2017, and reduce the delivery time of their products. The investment in new equipment continues to increase quality assurance.

The new location in Aruja, São Paulo, Brazil, also offers expanded storage capabilities will enable the company to improve logistics due to its proximity to Rodovia Presidente Dutra and Rodovia Ayrton Senna, major highways near the industrial hub. Injequaly’s increased manufacturing capabilities as well as a more strategic location will contribute to continued growth.

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