RJG Introduces The Hub Lite

Press release submitted on behalf of RJG.

The Hub Lite, a new offering in The Hub data solutions, makes it easier than ever to capture tool tryout data and migrate it from the tool shop to the production floor, simplifying the process of collecting and distributing data and templates from tool trials. The Hub Lite features laptop portability and data exports and migration (including correlation, data runs, proof of concept, and universal setup sheets). That allows you to quickly and easily import your setup sheet right to your CoPilot and start making good parts fast.

Benefits of The Hub Lite:
  • Tool builders gain a competitive advantage by providing tryout data and process templates
  • Quickly and easily import tool tryout data and templates into the CoPilot
  • Access data anywhere from a laptop
  • Collect more accurate, reliable data on each tool
  • Molders gain flexibility with tool builders by standardizing information and streamlining their process

For more information, visit www.rjginc.com.