Maguire Unveils Maguire Fusion

Press release submitted on behalf of Maguire.

Maguire, Aston, Pennsylvania, a global leader in material management solutions, proudly introduces Maguire Fusion, a ground-breaking integration of WSB Gravimetric Blenders and MGF Gravimetric Feeders that sets a new standard in precision and flexibility for the plastics processing industry. “Maguire Fusion represents a significant leap forward in material processing technology,” says Frank Kavanagh, Vice President of Sales, and Marketing at Maguire. “This innovative solution combines the extensive capabilities of our gravimetric blenders with the versatility and flexibility of our proven range of MGF Gravimetric Feeders, offering manufacturers unparalleled control, flexibility, and efficiency in material processing.”

Maguire Fusion seamlessly combines the controls of the WSB gravimetric batch blender with MGF gravimetric feeders positioned beneath or remote to a blender. This innovative setup enables additives or colors to be dosed directly at the throat of the process while the blender focuses on dosing and mixing prime materials. “This brings key benefits for a processor,” explains Kavanagh. “They maintain control of the entire dosing and mixing process through one control and gain the materials usage data to verify. Additionally, quick color or additive changes at the throat of the process are enabled by the removable hopper of the gravimetric feeder, allowing for seamless production processes.”

The configuration options of Maguire Fusion offer users more choices in materials handling layout. Blenders prepare prime mixes remotely, and gravimetric feeders dose color and additive in line with the process following an extruder signal or the cycle of a molding machine. “Blenders could be located on floor stands beside the process or mezzanine floors above the process, with critical control of color and additives positioned directly at the process,” says Kavanagh.

Key Benefits of Maguire Fusion include seamless control from a single touchscreen interface, flexible positioning, easy installation facilitating quick color and additive changes, total recipe management, automatic compensation for changes in regrind and natural dosing, expandability for incorporating additional materials, rapid color, and additive changes, optimized mixing to minimize de-mixing, and access to comprehensive materials data for enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

Maguire Fusion’s universal applicability allows seamless integration with any existing Maguire Blender or Feeder installation. Its modular design provides scalability with the addition of or upgrade of components, future-proofing your investment. With over 150 models of Maguire Gravimetric Blenders and three sizes of MGF Gravimetric Feeders, Maguire Fusion offers a wide range of options and accessories to customize any application.

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