Baerlocher USA to Feature Cutting-edge, Sustainable Additive Technologies and Initiatives at NPE2024

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Baerlocher USA, Cincinnati, Ohio, part of the Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastic additives, will showcase at NPE2024 (booth S35171) a collection of cost-competitive, sustainable additive solutions and initiatives to help the plastics industry comply with current and upcoming environmental, health and safety regulations. These advanced additives, which include a recently launched PFAS-free polymer processing aid (PPA) and a new bio-plasticizer solution, are redefining industry standards and paving the way to a greener future. The portfolio of products includes at-scale solutions which are available in different forms that enable compatibility with virtually all industry polymer formulations and production technologies.

“Baerlocher is deeply dedicated to sustainability and recycling,” says Edward Hall, president and chief executive officer, Baerlocher USA. “In collaboration with our customers and industry partners, we are reshaping the future of the plastics industry. Visit us in the Recycling and Sustainability section at NPE2024 where we will be actively engaging in TLC – Teaching, Learning and Collaborating – with the industry to enhance our shared future.”

At the show, visitors will be able to explore these innovations that intersect cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. Notable products and market initiatives that will be highlighted at the company’s exhibition include:

  • New PFAS-free Polymer Processing Aids (PPAs): Baerlocher USA’s new PPAs are free of both per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and siloxanes, and are well-suited for use in blown film, pipe and wire & cable applications. These new PPAs not only meet but exceed industry expectations by addressing performance, regulatory and scalability concerns.
  • New Case Studies: Baerlocher USA will highlight compelling new commercial examples that will provide in-depth insights into the use of its innovative material technology to help brand owners achieve their recycling objectives. In the spirit of TLC, these case studies will educate customers about important polymer advancements in recycling technology, and demonstrate how these materials have successfully contributed to strategic collaborations with value chain partners.
  • Calcium-based Stabilizers for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Baerlocher USA offers low toxicity, environmentally friendly calcium/zinc (CaZn) solid mixed-metal heat stabilizers suitable for rigid PVC applications. Calcium-based stabilizers are a more environmentally responsible alternative to tin-based stabilizers, a potentially toxic heavy metal. Calcium zinc stabilizers are already used in flexible PVC applications such as wire & cable, calendared film, extruded profiles, flooring and foam sheet.
  • Enhanced Bio-plasticizers and Bio-based One-packs: Baerlocher USA’s bio-plasticizer and novel bio-plasticizer/liquid mixed metal customizable one-packs offer sustainable alternatives to traditional plasticizers without reducing the mechanical properties of PVC. These plasticizers enhance the material’s processing performance and aesthetic properties, while reducing or eliminating the typical issues with vegetable-based plasticizers, and offer a cost-effective option that contributes to stronger, more sustainable final products.
  • Lubricant Solutions for PVC: Baerlocher USA’s internal and external lubricant solutions go beyond conventional offerings, adding significant value to the manufacturing process due to the different product forms that allow for convenient handling, transferring and processing based on individual customers processes and working environments. They are supplied through customizable value-added one-packs and provide excellent processibility and dispersibility.

NPE2024 will be held in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., May 6-10. Baerlocher USA’s sales and technical experts will be on hand to speak with visitors about the material challenges they may be experiencing and opportunities for collaboration. A full schedule of presentations and demonstrations occurring at the Baerlocher booth (S35171) will later be released in April.

About Baerlocher:
The Baerlocher Group is a leading manufacturer of additives for the plastics industry. Its portfolio includes a broad range of stabilizers and other additives suitable for a variety of polymer and non-polymer applications.

Baerlocher USA delivers tailored solutions in a reliable, supportive, and ethical manner by investing in our people, customers, and markets while adapting to changing needs.

Baerlocher embraces the principles of responsible care. It operates an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001. Baerlocher plays a positive role in both the business community and society as a whole. This includes work within industry associations, and the provision of training opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

The Baerlocher Group has production plants around the globe and operates a sales network serving all major countries.

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