Westec Plastics Introduces Revolutionary Mantle P-200 Metal 3D Printer

Press release submitted on behalf of Westec Plastics.

Westec Plastics, Livermore, California, is proud to announce the acquisition of the Mantle P-200 metal 3D printer, making them one of the first to implement this cutting-edge technology on a manufacturing floor. The Mantle P-200 ushers in a new era of speed, flexibility, and efficiency for Westec’s tooling capabilities, allowing them to meet their customers’ needs like never before. 

The decision to adopt the Mantle P-200 stems from Westec’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. Witnessing the P-200’s groundbreaking capabilities at last year’s MAPP Benchmarking Conference, Westec was captivated by the revolutionary advancements Mantle had achieved. Eager to leverage this game-changing technology to better serve its customers, Westec became Mantle’s first production customer, acquiring machine Number 01.

With the Mantle P-200 metal 3D printer, Westec has transformed its production timeline, allowing them to build a tool insert in as little as 2-4 weeks, compared to the previous 12-week lead time. The P-200 enables Westec to engage with customers earlier in the design process by printing prototype inserts in P20 or H13, promising unmatched precision and quality. Thanks to its exceptional tolerances, the P-200 minimizes post-work required on printed inserts, further streamlining Westec’s manufacturing processes. This accelerated production timeline enables Westec to deliver samples quickly, expediting the entire production submission process.

The P-200’s self-programming capabilities, along with user-friendly software with drag-and-drop file functionality, make it highly intuitive to operate, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. “Using Mantle’s technology, we can complete up to 70 percent of the job and have our toolmakers handle the specialized steps only humans can do,” said Tammy Barras, President at Westec. “With Mantle, we can provide our customers a service they can’t get anywhere else.”

The Mantle P-200 also offers Westec the flexibility to customize the insert size to accommodate different mold bases. By minimizing the need to build entire tools, Westec significantly reduces costs, lead times, and shipping expenses. With everything produced in-house and no overseas dependencies, Westec can guarantee complete control over its manufacturing process.

Westec aims to share the benefits of this groundbreaking technology beyond its own operations. Besides already working with several interested customers, Westec plans to make the Mantle P-200 accessible to other molders as well, providing support and boosting manufacturing capabilities.

Westec’s partnership with Mantle has been nothing short of fruitful and enjoyable. Both teams share a common vision of elevating toolmaking and manufacturing in the USA, making it more attainable based on the skill level of the current workforce. Together, Westec and Mantle represent a powerful solution to keeping manufacturing in the US and ensuring a thriving future for the industry.

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