Pressure Tester from Globeius Provides Quick and Easy Way to Test Injection Molds for Water Leaks

Press release submitted on behalf of Globeius, Inc.

Globeius Inc., Miami, Florida, once again provides a more straightforward way to troubleshoot injection molds with its Mouldpro Pressure Tester.

The Pressure Tester is designed to detect water leakage within a mold’s cooling circuits.

The device is portable and requires no power source because tests are performed manually. It includes a built-in water tank, a connected hose and two valve handles to regulate the pressure into and out of the system.

“The Pressure Tester is so easy to use,” said Graeme Sands, General Manager of Globeius. “It can test working pressure ranging from zero-870 PSI and can be used for testing other items as well.”

Pressure Tester details:

  • Dimensions: 190 X 530 X 305 mm
  • Tank volume: 12 L
  • Output connection: R 1/2” Female BSPP
  • Max temperature: 50°C
  • Max pressure: 60 Bar
  • Approved Test liquid: Water

To learn more about the Mouldpro Pressure Tester and related products, visit or contact your Globeius representative at 305-889-1782.

About Globeius Inc.
Globeius Inc is a third-generation family business based in Miami, Florida.  Founded by Hector Sosa, the company began as a small manufacturers rep group targeting Latin America almost 40 years ago.  The organization has developed a strong reputation for integrity and technical support and built a team with tremendous experience in importation and distribution.  The company’s focus is to bring quality and innovative solutions from Europe and the USA to processors in the plastics industry throughout North and South America.  Globeius offers a broad range of products that help processors improve their productivity and increase profitability including water hoses and manifolds, EOAT and maintenance supplies, conveyors, granulators, heavy duty mold racks and much more.  Globeius is also the exclusive distributor for Plastiblow all-electric extrusion blow molding machines in the US, Canada and Mexico.