Bold Laser Automation Announces Advanced Precision MSII003 Workstation

Bold Laser Automation, Inc., Bedford, New Hampshire, a provider of cutting-edge industrial automation solutions, announced the launch of its MSII003 Workstation. This Workstation is designed to offer unparalleled precision for critical micron and sub-micron measurements and image stitching. Applications include identifying surface roughness and inspection of microfluidic channels for micro molded plastics. This system utilizes the state-of-the-art Keyence WI-5000 Series 3D interference measurement sensor.

The MSII003 Workstation represents a breakthrough in accuracy and efficiency, catering to the demanding needs of industries such as manufacturing, quality control and research /development. Its innovative features and cutting-edge technology empower organizations to achieve sub-micron measurement accuracy with plastic materials and streamline the image-stitching process, revolutionizing workflow.

Key Features and Benefits of the MSII003 Workstation
Unrivaled precision: The integration of the Keyence WI-5000 Series 3D interference measurement sensor enables the workstation to deliver exceptional sub-micron measurement accuracy, ensuring the utmost precision in critical applications.

Advanced image stitching: The MSII003 Workstation incorporates intelligent algorithms and advanced software capabilities to seamlessly stitch together multiple images, producing a comprehensive and detailed representation of the inspected objects.

Efficient workflow: By automating the measurement and stitching processes, the workstation enhances productivity, saves time and minimizes human error.

Versatile applications: The MSII003 Workstation can be utilized across various industries including medical plastics and implants, electronics, automotive, aerospace and more. Its flexibility and adaptability make it valuable in diverse manufacturing and inspection environments.

“Bold Laser Automation is excited to introduce the MSII003 Workstation, which sets a new standard for precision measurements and image stitching with the critical micro-molding world,” said Todd E. Lizotte, president and CEO at Bold Laser Automation. “This cutting-edge solution, coupled with the Keyence WI-5000 Series 3D interference measurement sensor, offers accuracy and efficiency, empowering customers to drive excellence in their critical sub-micron applications.”

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