ARI Launches Technology Updates to Max Series

Absolute Robot Inc. (ARI), Worcester, Massachusetts, is a supplier of a cost-effective robot line that ranges from pneumatic pickers to full-servo robots that can be equipped on machines up to 3,300 tons. ARI has announced an upgrade to its Max series of full-servo top-entry (cartesian) robots. A major control enhancement, as well as increased traverse speeds, allow the Max series to handle more complex automation and reduce cycle times.

Max series now has “Y-Free” robot takeout functionality. This can reduce the amount of time the robot spends within the mold area, thus reducing overall cycle time. The “Y-Free” function allows the robot to synchronize part takeout as the parts are being ejected, as opposed to waiting for the ejectors to fully advance forward before grabbing the part.

The Max series control has up to 16 axes of control, up from only five axes on the previous control. This allows for the control of multiple additional movements on the robot arm while giving the ability to control downstream automation (for example, indexing rotary table) from the Max series control. The additional robot axes transform a relatively simple X, Y, Z robot into a highly capable robot that can spin, grab, flip and reorient parts in exponentially more ways. The layout, programming and form factor of the robot remains the same, which keeps the robots affordable and easier to operate compared to a floor-mounted six-axis robot arm.

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