Globeius Delivers New Mouldpro System

Mouldpro ApS, of Ballerup, Denmark, has introduced a quick connect safety coupling system designed for mold heating and cooling applications.

The patented Mouldpro quick connect safety coupling system features an automatic locking mechanism that prevents accidental disconnection and unlocking. The couplings are designed for use with aggressive media such as hot and cold water, as well as thermal oil, at temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The FKM o-rings ensure a tight seal and make the couplings ideal for mold cooling circuits, especially for high temperatures.

A connection process helps operators connect and disconnect the couplings, even in difficult to reach areas. A color coding on the locking sleeve indicates a correct and secure connection. Globeius has these couplings in stock and ready for delivery throughout North America from its warehouse in Miami, Florida.

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