Absolute Haitian Debuts Multi-Injection Molding Machines

Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Massachusetts, has announced the availability of multi-component injection molding machines based on its two popular servo-hydraulic molding machine series, the Mars III Multi Series and the two-platen Jupiter III Multi Series. Features of the Haitian Multi product lines (MA III Multi and JU III Multi) include:

  • Configurations including Horizontal “L”, Vertical, Parallel and Piggyback placement of the second injection unit.
  • MA III Multi is available from 1,200 to 5,300 kN of clamp force (135 to 596 US tons) and the JU III Multi from 7,500 to 18,500 kN (843 to 2,079 US tons).
  • Shot sizes for the MA III Multi range from 19 g to 1,295 g (0.67 oz to 45.7 oz) and for the JU III Multi range from 228 g to 2,547 g (43.3 oz to 89.8 oz).
  • The second injection unit can be switched off or removed so that the machine is available for single-shot applications.
  • Generous tie bar specifications and strong load-bearing rotary table on the movable platen accommodate large molds and provide capacity for stable production.
  • KEBA control technology is designed for easy operation of multi-component processes through a single control with a user-friendly arrangement of key buttons for the injection process of the additional unit.
  • Connectivity Plus supports interaction with peripherals, automation and integration into MES systems.

For more information, visit www.absolutehaitian.com.