Benchmarking Conference Welcomes Emmy Award-Winning Speaker

The MAPP team put together an amazing two days of programming for the annual MAPP Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 4-6, 2023. Attendees listened to inspiring keynote speakers, shared knowledge and best practices in breakout labs, collaborated at roundtable discussions, explored the new automation hall and connected during networking opportunities.

On the first full day of the conference, over 600 industry professionals gathered in the ballroom and had the privilege of listening to Mark Scharenbroich, an Emmy award-winning speaker and award-winning author of his book, “Nice Bike,” a collection of stories based on meaningful connections with others in both work and life.

With his full attention on the audience for an hour, he showed attendees how to ensure employees’ key needs are met – to be seen, heard and valued.

Through this experience, attendees saw firsthand how to shift their interactions with others to create deeper, more meaningful relationships and, in turn, add more joy to their life journey.

Scharenbroich said, “It’s about practicing three actions – acknowledge, honor and connect – to create lasting relationships that result in success personally and professionally.”

When one person acknowledges another, it’s a simple act that opens the door for both in the conversation to be fully present and invested in each other. To “honor” a person is to create a remarkable experience with the intention and discipline to give more than what is taken. And, through the acknowledgment and honor of the relationship, two parties can fully “connect” in a meaningful way – and that is when change and inspiration happen, whether it’s in business or in life.

To drive his point home, Scharenbroich shared an example about a meat raffle at the VFW. He said there are two things, that must be done in order to take home a prize: “One – You have to buy a ticket! Two – You must be present to win!” Simple, right?

Buying a ticket is an action that shows personal investment and interest back into “the VFW meat raffle,” or better yet, a person, a family member, a company and so forth. Through the ticket purchase, the buyer has shown commitment to that connection. Equally important is showing up – where being present is an important opportunity to acknowledge, honor and connect in the relationship.

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