Slide Offers New Slide Hi-Temp Purge for Engineered Resins

Slide Products, Inc., Wheeling, Illinois, a manufacturer of mold releases, mold cleaners, ejector pin grease, rust preventives, purging compounds and more, now offers Hi-Temp Purge.

Many engineering-grade resins work at temperatures of 700ºF and higher. Molders require a purging compound that works effectively at these high temperatures to remove residue from the screw and barrel during resin changes.

Slide’s new Hi-Temp Purge purging compound is stable at temperatures up to 750ºF so it works effectively for engineering-grade resins such as PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP and PEI (Ultem™). Traditional purging compounds simply burn at the temperatures required to purge these reins. Hi-Temp Purge significantly reduces purging times for color changes, resin changes and removing carbon contamination build-up inside the barrel.

Hi-Temp Purge is available for testing and Slide purge engineers are available to help molders develop the most efficient procedures to achieve the shortest downtime.

Hi-Temp Purge comes in 50-lb. boxes and 1000-lb. gaylords.

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