Moldex3D 2021 Unlocks Competitive Edge for Plastic Businesses

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), Hsinchu, Taiwan, a provider of professional CAE analysis solutions, has announced the release of Moldex3D 2021 – the latest version of its molding analysis software series. The new generation of Moldex3D continues to refine simulation capabilities to provide better user experiences. More powerful analysis modules are also incorporated in the system to meet different customer needs across industries. In response to a faster changing market in the Industry 4.0 era, Moldex3D 2021 helps businesses realize seamless design and manufacturing integration, producing world-class products within stricter time limits.

Simulation reports are more accurate and customized

For common shrinkage and warpage prediction of injection molding, Moldex3D 2021 combines the material and stress characteristics of plastic phase changes in the packing stage, highly increasing the prediction accuracy. Furthermore, mechanical property simulation is introduced to optimize the calculation accuracy of short fiber materials, enabling users to receive better results of warpage prediction of fiber-filled materials. The curve construction and editing capabilities are also enhanced to generate higher-quality mesh with greater success rate and efficiency. With the newly added Nozzle Zone Wizard as well as the upgraded Gate, Runner and Cooling Channels Wizards, users can optimize designs with parameters and automatic mesh generation, making design validations easy and precise.

Different analysis reports are required based on mold characteristics. Users can use Studio 2021 to customize their report format and choose which items to display.

Seamless integration of virtual and reality

Nowadays, enterprises emphasize more on data cloudization and digitalization. However, how to integrate virtual and real data is a challenging task. With Moldex3D iSLM, users can manage, share and compare mold trial results and molding analysis through a simple click using their laptops or smart phones. Information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Moldex3D 2021 also has optimized the efficiency of submission process and parallel processing on Linux HPC (High Performance Computing). Engineers can run molding simulation efficiently on the remote Linux HPC cluster, on private or on public cloud, making it possible to analyze and calculate millions of elements in minutes.

Enhanced accuracy in advanced process and composite materials

The market always pursues progress. Advanced process simulation needs to be more precise. Moldex3D never stops constructing high-end advanced process prediction capabilities, assisting companies to be more competitive in product development and optimization. Moldex3D’s non-matching mesh technology reduces the mesh generation time and improves the accuracy for RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) simulation of multi-layer fiber mat draping design. The new physical foaming capabilities provide a new microscopic foaming prediction model, which greatly increases the prediction precision of the existing modules of different foaming processes.

In addition to the above breakthroughs, Moldex3D 2021 also supports Fiber-mat thermoplastic continuous fiberboard composite simulation. By setting the continuous fiber material property values, users can analyze how fiber orientation impacts product quality and mechanical strength to further optimize their product designs.

Complete support for IC packaging process simulation

Due to the trend of intellectualization and electric vehicles, global industries have rising demand on reliable IC product performance. Advanced IC packaging technology plays an increasingly critical role in manufacturing process. Moldex3D’s new potting simulation capabilities are now available for IC packaging users. The Pre-processing Wizard can generate high-quality mesh quickly, which saves model preparation time and helps users validate IC packaging design, reducing trial and error costs significantly.

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