Husky Introduces UltraShot™ Injection System

Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd., Bolton, Ontario, Canada, an industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, has announced the release of the UltraShotTM Injection System. This next-generation melt delivery and control system eliminates the deficiencies of traditional injection molding processes and creates unique value and opportunity for producers by making it possible to mold the perfect part at scale, with unmatched quality.

John Galt, president and CEO, explained that with the UltraShotTM Injection System, the company is re-engineering the injection molding process. It aims to achieve higher levels of capability, control and overall part design freedom.

The UltraShotTM Injection System’s advanced injection control technology enables risk-free scalability with flawless part capability. Identical system behavior for each injection circuit provides process condition consistency with cavitation scaling. A predictable process from pilot to high cavitation – scalable to 128 cavities – enables producers to maximize cavitation without negative performance on balance or shot-to-shot variation. Brand owners can accelerate from prototype to high cavitation production qualification, thus greatly increasing speed-to-market.

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