BinMaster Offers Compact Non-Contact Radar for the Cloud

BinMaster Level Controls, Lincoln, Nebraska, a manufacturer of solid-state point and continuous bin level indicators, control systems and sensoring devices, has announced its CNCR non-contact radar level sensors, packing 80 GHz performance in a small, rugged enclosure.

BinMaster offers seven models ideal for tanks up to 98 feet tall. The CNCR is IoT network compatible using analog expansion hubs, HART consolidator modules or LoRa transceivers and the BinCloud® gateway. Its focused narrow-beam technology performs accurately in dust and steam, and there are no dead zones – the CNCR measures up to the sensor face, ideal for small vessels or IBCs. Bluetooth-compatible, a wireless device configurator app for fast and simple setup. The CNCR is versatile and can be used for food, beverage, plastics, chemical, fuel and environmental applications.

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