Shannon Adds New Thermal Reusable Insulation Blanket to Line-up of Energy, Safety Solutions

Shannon Global Energy Solutions, North Tonawanda, New York, a provider, designer and maker of reusable thermal and acoustic insulation, has developed a new product for its INSULTECH® line: the Shannon Thermal Blanket for Plastics Extrusion. Designed to cut down on energy, retain radiant heat and boost safety, facility owners can use Shannon’s model MT850SSi Thermal Blanket on any style extruder as well as extruder barrels, heads and injection and blow molding equipment.  

As with all its products, Shannon model MT850SSi thermal blankets are removable and reusable, so maintenance workers and equipment operators can easily install and reinstall them after removing them from a component to adjust or service plastics-making machinery. Shannon’s latest INSULTECH design creates a thermal barrier and doubles as a safety feature for employees, while achieving thermal efficiency with a maximum thermal capacity of 850˚ F (455˚ C).  

All of Shannon’s reusable thermal insulation blankets come with an I.D. tag to describe location and the component to which each belongs. Shannon also includes a hot surface label to warn operators of high temperature. Shannon stores its insulation blanket production drawings on a CAD drawing system, so customers can reorder blankets or request replacement parts for up to ten years.  

Frank Kovacs, president and CEO of Shannon noted that for every component  Shannon coversthe company creates exact blanket designs in line with a specification that will accommodate the required operating conditions, no matter how extreme. The company has tested its MT850SSi blanket, and all the products it designs and manufactures, under ASTM standards to assure that designs deliver safety and save energy. 

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