Monitor Tank and Silo Levels Conveniently with BinMaster Digital Panel Meters

BinMaster Level Controls, Lincoln, Nebraska, a designer and manufacturer of solid-state point and continuous bin level indicators, control systems and sensoring devices, offers three models of digital panel meters.

Digital panel meters eliminate the need to walk to the control room or office to check inventory status. Levels of solids, liquids or powders can be monitored with a walk- or drive-up push-button display mounted in a convenient place in the plant.

With hardy NEMA 4X enclosures, these digital displays are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor process applications and can be seen easily in bright sunlight, smoke, fog and dusty environments.

The DPM-100 is suitable for use with any Modbus-enabled sensor and offers a two-line display. It can be programmed as a Modbus RTU master, slave or snooper.

The DPM-200 is compatible with sensors with a 4-20 mA output and displays level or distance. Standard 0.56” display height or X2 model with 1.2” display height easily seen up to 30 feet away.

The DPM-500 is an easy-to-read dual-line large LED display that has a large six-digit top line generally used for product height and a second line used to display headroom, pounds, tons or gallons.

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