iD Additives Announces MRO Product Special Pricing

iD Additives, La Grange, Illinois, a supplier of foaming agents, liquid foam, purging compounds, MRO products and other additives for the plastics industry, has announced a discount of 10% off iD Purge and Eco-Pro 360 products, effective immediately.

The company acknowledges that these are challenging times, with customers and suppliers trying to stay healthy and safe, while all doing their part to keep supplying the essential goods and services that the industry needs to battle this coronavirus crisis and to keep the economy moving. iD Additives knows that many customers are experiencing slower than normal business conditions, and notes that in times like this, it’s a great opportunity to clean and maintain machinery, molds and equipment.

For the next two months, iD Additives is offering a 10% discount on its entire line of MRO products, including iD Purge and iD Eco-Pro 360 rust removal systems. For Purge, this includes the QuickShots single dose purge compounds and the full line of iD Purge products. For Eco-Pro, this includes both the Eco-Pro solution and the Eco-Pro 360 Cart for cleaning out cooling passages in molds, heat exchangers and other products.

The company notes that many of its customers are deemed ‘essential businesses’ and are up and running, supplying critical machinery, equipment and end products to the medical/healthcare and packaging industry during this crisis. iD Additives’ MRO products are perfect for keeping essential machinery, molds and equipment clean and operating at their best.

iD Additives is here to support its customers and urges them to remember – we are all in this together!

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