Sepro Group and FANUC Announce Open Integration Partnership

Roboshot injection-molding machines (IMM) made by international firm FANUC Corporation now can be equipped with Cartesian robots made by France-based Sepro Group and integrated into the molding machine controls via Sepro Visual control. The FANUC-Sepro partnership aims to meet increasing demand for robot/IMM packages and will allow FANUC to benefit from Sepro’s know-how with Cartesian robots especially designed for the plastics industry.

This new partnership is the twelfth of its kind for Sepro and confirms the ‘Easy Package’ approach, which allows increased connectivity between the molding-machine, the robot and the automation peripherals. This flexible open integration allows an easy retrofit for the customers that are already equipped.

Sepro’s Visual system delivers one unique control platform that is open to different technologies and open to integration with injection-molding machines. Visual is an easy-to-use robot control, which was developed by Sepro especially for injection molding.

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