RJG Opens First Training Facility in Mexico

International injection molding training, technology and resources firm RJG will open their first training facility in Mexico in April in partnership with Yanfeng Global Automotive Interiors (YFAI), manufacturer of automotive interior components. The joint training facility is located at Yanfeng’s manufacturing plant in Queretaro, Mexico.

For the first time, RJG will be able to hold a variety of classes in Mexico that were not previously available. Jorge Banderas and Daniel Lopez will be the RJG lead consultant/trainers leading classes in Spanish, including Systematic Molding, Decoupled Molding® Workshop, Master Molder® I and II and more.

The training facility in Mexico will allow RJG’s customers to receive training with shorter lead times and less travel.

For more information, visit https://rjginc.com/training/overview.