New France and Italy Databases Available from AMI

AMI Plastics, Bristol, United Kingdom, has released two new databases that cover injection molders in France and Italy. Database research conducted by AMI on 2,000 injection molding sites in France and Italy shows that packaging is the largest end use market supplied by injection molders, accounting for 47% of polymer usage in Italy and 51% in France in 2017.

The findings show that 304 Italian and 239 French companies are involved in packaging production, with French and Italian PET preform manufacturers among the largest companies. This includes companies manufacturing in-house, such as S.A. Des Eaux Minérales D’évian in France, and trade suppliers of preforms, such as Plastipak Packaging, that operate in both France and Italy.

End use markets supplied by France. (Chart courtesy of AMI)

Italy’s second largest end use sector is the manufacture of injection-molded furniture. In France, the automotive sector is the second largest end use market, accounting for 15% of all injection-molded end use markets.

Polypropylene and PET account for 55% of all polymer usage in Italy, thanks to their use in packaging. Polypropylene also is the main material processed by automotive and furniture molders. In France, 62% of all polymer usage is polypropylene and PET, which are mainly used in automotive and packaging sectors.

AMI’s databases of injection molders in France and Italy provide suppliers, distributors and buyers with detailed, qualified data on injection molders. The injection molding databases cover more than 2,000 injection molding operations, including the polymers bought and products manufactured for 884 sites in France and 1,128 in Italy.

The new databases – “AMI’s Database of Injection Moulders in Italy, 6th Edition 2018” and “AMI’s Database of Injection Moulders in France, 6th Edition 2018” – were compiled through direct contact with each company to ensure the highest level of accuracy. In addition to being resources on the key players in the thermoplastic conversion sector, AMI’s databases reveal a wealth of data about the industry in each country.

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