iD Additives Holds First Open House

iD Additives, Inc., LaGrange, Illinois, a maker of purging compounds, foaming agents and liquid systems, held its first open house on Oct. 11 in Aurora, Illinois. The company wanted to showcase its iD Eco-Pro 360 and show customers in the Aurora area how the Solution and Cart work together to clean cooling passages, heat exchangers, water lines, tools and more.

Bryan Whitaker, technical manager for the iD Eco-Pro 360, offered a presentation and flushing demo for the open house, using tools supplied by Mike Stiles at R&D/Leverage (tool), Ron Brown at Flambeau (tool), Brian Schuette at Spartan, along with Mike Krause at BPC (heat exchanger), Dan Wielenberg at Avon Plastics (heat exchanger), and Derek and Jay Wetzel at Plastics Processors (extrusion dies).

Whitaker flushed out a heat exchanger and cooling passage. Flow meter reading during the demo was 2.30 GPMs (gallons per minute); flow reading after was 2.51, a 9% increase in flow. The other circuit was 2.60 GPMs before, and up to 2.86 GPMs after, a 10% increase in flow. View the flushing demo on YouTube.

iD Additives also had a Do It Yourself Station so people could try using the iD Eco-Pro 360 themselves to clean rust off tools. After the demo, guests examined how the Cart worked and asked questions.

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